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Erotic Role Play for Couples: Free Chapter (.pdf)

In my book Erotic Role Play: A Guide for Couples (e-book or audiobook MP3), you'll find all kinds of fun ideas, advice, sexy stories and plenty of fantasy fodder to get you adding a little (or a lot) of spice to your sex life. In chapter 1, you'll learn exactly how to ask for what you want, even if you're nervous or aren't used to talking about new sexual ideas. Besides getting you started and giving you lots of ideas, there is a test called "Who, What, Where, How and When" that couples can print out, check off their answers in a fun sex game for two, and then swap answers to see just what your lover feels like doing. It's like a sexual fantasy quiz, where everyone scores!

* Download chapter 1 from Erotic Role Play: A Guide for Couples (.PDF) free!

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