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Open Source Sex 80: Video Trailer for Total Flirt

Delightful, de-lovely, and a little bit devious: my new book Total Flirt is now on sale. Find out more including the Apple and Android app at In this saucy video trailer, I tell you all about how this book - six years in the making - is an authentic, practical and slightly devious flirting manual for women. It is our answer to "The Game" and pick-up artist tricks, and based on research, studies and infiltrarion of pick-up artist's secret societies - it delivers.


Total Flirt is packed with tricks and tips for every situation you’ll encounter when out on the prowl. Secrets of pick-up artists are explained and styled for the girl who wants more out of life.

Total Flirt book by Violet BlueSpend 20 minutes with a chapter in Total Flirt and learn:

* Two distinctive ways to flirt, and why you need to know the difference.
* Total Flirt relies on the science of kinesics, the study of body language and its hidden messages: learn how to communicate magnetism and seduce your target – or get rid of someone – without words.
* Take style quizzes to see what kind of flirt you are, and what kind you could be.
* Master the art of “speed flirting” and how to tell if he’s worth it.
* Get oodles of conversation starters – and exit strategies when you need to hit the “eject” button.
* Find out how to tell if he’s really into you (or just a friend), and how to eliminate the competition.
* Learn how to walk like a siren, talk like a bombshell, and seduce like a vamp — learn how to do it all online.
* How to get guys you think are “out of your league.”

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