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This is the same audio as Open Source Sex 19, but as an MP3 audio file for those whose iPods and MP3 players won't allow MPEG-4 files. The first of two podcasts about threesomes, I begin by introducing the popular and much-requested topic, then read two explicit stories to get you in the mood for OSS #20, where I'll give the finer points about how to actually engineer more than two bodies coming together... and coming. In this installment, enjoy Emilie Paris' "James Dean, One Thousand Bucks and a Long Summer Night" where a couple pick up a male prostitute; then in "The Fifth Day" by Ayre Riley, a married woman seduces a handsome painter and gets more than she bargained for... which totally delights her husband, who joins in the fun. Both of these stories have a hell of a twist, and both are from my book Taboo: Forbidden Fantasies for Couples.

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