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open source sex 37 An interview with Tristan Taormino! Part of the NPR radio series of interviews I'm doing -- this time, Tristan called in from rainy Brooklyn, New York to tell us how to prepare for first-time anal sex, all about enemas (!), anal sex and pregnancy, her new Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women 2nd ed. (and all the cool new information in it), her extremely hot video House of Ass and her new contract at Vivid Video to make explicit educational movies! We covered a lot of ground and could've talked for another half-hour, for sure. These interviews are done in a storefront window in the "hip" Mission district here in SF, so imagine the looks I got when people walked by and heard "anal orgasms" coming from the speakers...

Her House of Ass video is one of the best porn videos I've ever seen. Seriously. Watch the trailer @ her site, (where you can also download the trailer to your iPod). Also be sure to visit Tristan's MySpace page.

MP3 not enough for you? Watch and listen with the video slideshow version of this podcast at:

The images are from the House of Ass video. If you'd rather listen to the MP3 and just look at the pictures, you can see them (and more) in all their glory at Deviant Cult X.

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