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open source sex 38 In the ongoing interview series I'm doing at NPR, this has to be one of my very favorite interviews *ever*. Just listen to me talk to Pink and White Productions' Shine Louise Houston and see if you can't resist laughing -- Shine is the producer, director and creator behind what is one of the hottest, most authentic lesbian porn companies around, and it's all DIY, indy porn. Listen and see what I mean; Shine talks about why fluffy-haired long-fingernailed "lesbians" in regular porn just don't seem to reflect how girls are having sex with each other (really?), amazing behind the scenes tales of fisting and female ejaculation on the set of her cult hit porn film The Crash Pad, what's in her future and all about that crazy party I went to a week ago... She invited me to a party, things got out of hand with fists and lesbian porn stars and bread products and I took pictures... So much fun. Look at all the images I shot at that wild party in these two galleries: Pink and White Party; More Pink and White Party. But really, listen to the podcast and see how we crack ourselves up so bad about stuffing loaves where bread has never been before that we make actual snorting noises.

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Please note: there is an extra 6-7 minutes of music on the end of this podcast from the local 30-piece Extra Action Marching Band. I left it on there for a little something different; skip it if you hate it.

Also: NPR is a community not-for-profit volunteer organization and they're hosting my filthy dirty interviews for free. They're having a hard time coming up with rent for one month this summer -- it's $800 -- so if you can spare ten bucks, please donate it to NPR!

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