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open source sex 61 Just for fun, last night after I recorded my new sex ed how-to audiobook How to Kiss, I set aside this chapter to share. It's chapter 4, where I detail all the different types of kisses: the good, the bad, and the scary! Be prepared: in some places, I giggle uncontrollably -- it was *that* kind of reading (the fun kind). The whole book is sexed-up: it also features two very explicit short erotica stories with pleanty of oral action. Yum! Find more of my inexpensive, DRM-free audiobooks and sex ed ebooks at


Sex educator Violet Blue explains throughout 9 audio chapters exactly how to make the most of the first kiss to the hottest makeout sessions. With a warm, playful tone and a lot of techniques, Blue details types of kisses, how to flirt using your mouth, kissing etiquette, erogenous zones, how to ask for a kiss with and without words and much more. Ever wonder about hickies, bites, cold sores, kissing bugs or how to deal with a bad kisser? Sweet nuzzly kisses, all-out French kissing and everything in between are in this 9-chapter, DRM-free MP3 audiobook. Blue also reads two explicit, kiss-focused erotic short stories from authors Thomas S. Roche and Oscar Shemoth.

Chapters include:

* xi Introduction :: The Sweetest Kiss
* 1 Kissing Confidential :: What’s In A Kiss? * At One With The Elements * Kiss Me Deadly, Darling
* 2 Your Sexy Mouth :: Hot Lips * Talented Tongue * Mouth Moves * Kissing Bugs * Cold Sores * The Wicked Kisser * Pamper Yourself Sexy
* 3 How-And What-To Kiss :: Techniques * Lighter Fare * Intermediate Fun * Intense Arousal * Use Your Body * Hot Spots
* 4 Kissing: A Field Guide :: Types of Kisses * French Kissing * Scary Kisses
* 5 The First Kiss :: Waiting for the Kiss * Does They Really Want It? * How to Get Them to Kiss You * Ask For A Kiss Without Words * Make the First Move * First Kiss Do’s and Don’t’s
* 6 Erotica :: Jack and Ginger by Thomas Roche
* 7 Kissing Etiquette for All
Hunters, and The Hunted * Kissing Etiquette * About Hickeys and Love Bites * Kiss Catastrophes and Cures
* 8 Advanced Techniques :: Tricks and Treats * A Smooch With a View: Best Movie Kisses * Flavored Kisses * Kissing Flavor Favorites * Flavored Lipsticks and Gloss * Music to Make Out By * Stubble Burn and How to Avoid It
* 9 Erotica :: Spanish Olive by Oscar Shemoth

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