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open source sex 63 In this long-awaited Open Source Sex episode, learn how to plan an erotic encounter with roles (slight roles or elaborate ones), how to time sexual surprises so they come out perfect, how to add a delicious climax to your sexual encounter, the perfect locations for certain types of erotic scenarios, and how to have a public sex scene -- and make it safe and unforgettable. I just released the audiobook Erotic Role Play: A Guide For Couples, and I'm so excited I wanted to give a chapter away! This is chapter 5, and I hope you like it. I'm also giving away the erotic role play quiz for couples -- print it out, circle your answers and then share your sexy homework. When I did it with my sweetie, I got a few interesting surprises... :)

For more info on my new DRM-free audiobook (10 MP3 chapters, over 2 hours of ideas, advice, and explicit erotica), read this:

Erotic Role Play: A Guide for Couples by Violet Blue is nine big chapters of tips, ideas and practical advice on how to turn up the heat in your sexual repertoire. Erotic role-play is when you and your lover play roles and act out sexual fantasies: Blue details exactly how role-play makes hot sex even hotter, spices up your love life when it falls into a routine, and adds playfulness and passionate intensity. If you or your lover has ever fantasized about pretending to be anything other than who you are in your daily, ordinary life, then you’re ready for the world of erotic role-play fantasies. You’re not alone, as these are among the most popular fantasies shared by couples, period.

When you try out fantasy scenarios, you’re essentially playing a sexually explicit version of “make believe.” Some couples use role-play occasionally for a little bit of kinky fun. Many others enjoy it as part of their regular sex lives, whether it’s one reliably hot scenario, or a variety of roles and predicaments. Playful, silly, explicit and warm and welcoming, this expertly written and assembled DRM-free audiobook (10 MP3’s listenable on any device) guarantees plenty of new ideas with explosive results. Features three, no-holds-barred erotic stories where couples try Blue’s advice to a delicious finish.

Chapters include:

xi Introduction: Thrill Me

1 Adventures and Predicaments
Scenarios, Roles and Predicaments * How to Bring It Up * Get Started * Who, What, Where and How Quiz (Now view or print for free as a Google Doc) * Tips for Sex Toys

2 Roles and Scenarios
Who Are You? * Everyday Roles and Scenarios (a list) * Fantasy Roles (a list)

3 Erotica: Obscene Phone Call by Scott Wallace

4 Choosing a Role
Context * Active Roles * Ideas for Control Roles * Receptive Roles * Ideas for Receptive Roles * Opposite Sex Role Play * Cross Dressing How-To * Cross Dress Roles * Roles With Age Differences

5 Make A Scene
The Perfect Plan * Timing is Everything * The Main Event * Hot Locations * Role Play Room Makeovers * La Sexo Loca in Public

6 Erotica: Bad Doggy by Julia Moore

7 Get Motivated
Props * Role Play Party Favors (list: props and motivation)

8 Scenarios
Sex With a Stranger * Exhibitionism * Forced Sex and Sexual Punishment * Sexual Power * Youth * Gender Swap * Animal Sex

9 Erotica: Rules of the Game by Thomas Roche

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