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I'm in the mood for more naughty, funny erotica, just like the last podcast. I got quite a response about the last show, especially from Europeans with white trash, american southern accent fetishes, hmmm. It's a beautiful world. This time you'll get to hear me mangle a Finnish accent into a bloody lifeless pulp, but the boobs and lesbian tongue-kisses will hopefully keep you distracted! Tonight I'll be reading a piece by a regular contributor to a few of my books, a local writer named Xavier Acton -- his piece is about a hapless telemarketer who takes one for the team when he mistakenly calls a -- well, I'll just let you find out. After, I'll read a porno retelling of Hansel and Gretel done LA lesbian style, called Anja and Greta, by new writer Erin Sanders.

** Also -- hooray; after this archive is the end of my crappy sound problems!

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