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The exciting launch of my sex-ed digital media empire,! This podcast is the introduction to my nine (9) chapter audiobook, "open source sex :: pleasure zone basics". It's DRM-free MP3 files for $5 that cover a wide variety of sex ed topics, with techniques and my usual silliness. I have audiobooks for couples on the way, in addition to e-books (in a variety of formats) featuring more sex ed and erotica -- all cheap and shareable. True "open source sex", as I explain in this podcast. Yay! A funny book-tech-nerd note: this might be the first .zip file with an official ISBN number. Here are the details about the audiobook this podcast talks about, forgive the third person sales text:

Violet Blue’s popular Open Source Sex podcast has educated millions. “open source sex ed audio :: pleasure zone basics? is a 9-chapter audiobook that combines select podcasts with exciting new material. Learn all about male and female physiology for pleasure — that’s what the good parts are to touch, and how they like to be touched. You’ll also hear about how they taste, and exactly what to do when you want perform oral sex (cunnilingus or fellatio) on a lucky someone. Learn all about the g-spot, the prostate, male anal penetration with a strap-on for couples, rimming and more; each topic is filled with specific techniques. With her hip, humorous, warm and all-inclusive, non-judgmental (yet explicit) approach to sex ed, it’s no wonder Webnation calls Blue, “the leading sex educator for the Internet generation.?

Chapters include:

* Introduction: What is “open source sex??
* 1: Female sexual physiology for pleasure
* 2: The G-spot, where it is and how to have fun with it
* 3: Male sexual physiology for pleasure
* 4: The prostate — fun, healthy, sexy techniques
* 5: Strap-on sex for couples
* 6: Oral taste of a man, oral taste of a woman (and how to change it)
* 7: Oral sex — techniques for fellatio and cunnilingus
* 8: Rimming — safe, clean and fun

Availability: Instant Download
File Format: .zip of DRM-free MP3 chapters (111.5 MB)
ISBN: 978-0-9799019-1-1
Price: $5.00 (USD)

Buy “pleasure zone basics? now, DRM-free, $5, via PayPal

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