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open source sex 62 Feeling up for a little erotica? My new book Best Women's Erotica 2008 just came out, and it's packed -- literally, the biggest one yet -- with six months' worth of culling the very best explicit erotic stories written by women. This was to be my last book in this series, so I made it the crowning piece in the collection -- though since the sales have skyrocketed and I've won awards every year I've edited this series, I'm considering a final two more, to make it a five-year stint.

But, to celebrate this beautiful collection of highly arousing erotica, and all its highly skilled authors, I've selected one of the book's gems to read for you: Rear Window by Scarlett French. In it, a woman moves into her new apartment and discovers quite a view -- and it's the first Open Source Sex podcast to feature man-on-man action. Tasty stuff.

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