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Tonight's podcast is a non-sex short story about zombies - and me. Author of the (awesome) new zombie novel The Panama Laugh wrote a short story based on his novel's universe where a young female street punk in San Francisco goes up against a pack of zombie frat boys. The author Thomas Roche based the story on my very real life as a homeless teen here in SF. If you like action, horror and zombies (and you like me), you'll love it. If you don't like those things, tune in for the next podcast which I promise will be delightfully naughty and fun.

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Get Total Flirt app for iPhone now in the Apple iTunes store for $0.99 - watch this saucy, short video trailer I made and see why I'm so excited about my first app!  It’s like having a concise, interactive version of Total Flirt (the book - ) in your pocket or purse.

The Total Flirt app is an in-the-moment flirting guide. Use Total Flirt to choose your own adventure, and flirt – with success. With Total Flirt as your pocket wingmate, instantly dial up tricks and tips for every situation you’ll encounter when out on the prowl.

Secrets of pick up artists are shared in the app that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. Start with an environment test to rate your chances of success before you make a move. Total Flirt tells you the best way to position yourself, how to proceed when your flirt-target is alone or in a group, and instructions for on-the-spot seduction with or without words. Instantly call up exact phrases and openers to make a connection with anyone you set your sights on.

This app guides you through the whole encounter: consult Total Flirt for instructions on when and how to size them up – find out if they’re worth it. Fall back on an all-purpose problem solver for everything from whether they’re into you, dealing with competition, or what to do if you think you’re being played. Total Flirt seamlessly gets you to the conclusion you desire, whether you want to see them tonight, or tomorrow – or if you need to choose an exit strategy.

Based on my book Total Flirt, it’s formulated from years of research, studies, and infiltration of male and female pick-up artist societies.

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Open Source Sex 86: How to Flirt With Geeks (Tips)


Learn how to flirt with geeks in this episiode, based on six years of research on flirting and pick-ip arts, plus get opening lines that don't suck and tips for turning fliritng into dating. Find more at

This episode is the audio version of SXSW 2011 Interactive geek flirting tips written especially for the event (known as Spring Break for Geeks).

At there are also three explict sexy geek erotica stories in different delightful flavors. To find more of the free materials I put together for Sexy Geeks, visit This URL is entirely mobile friendly, including the safer sex charts.

At you'll find the text version of this podcast, sex emergency resources for SXSW attendees of all genders and orientations, and explicit geeky erotica. Oh and the ingredients for a geek sexual survival kit. Oh, and a special discount code just for sexy geeks at - find my nerdy sex gear picks at


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Open Source Sex 82: Sex Answers: Making Him Dominant, Vaginal Looseness, Adult Wet Dreams and Unexpected STD Concerns

This is an episode of sex answers. Tonight's topics include a woman who wants her boyfriend to be more dominant, a lady who is worried about vaginal looseness, a man who has wet dreams as an adult, and a girl whose boyfriend had sex outside the relationship - she wants to know what STDs or STIs she's at risk for. These anonymous questions come from my professional sex ed work; I thought it was time to share.

* Violet Blue -

* Books in this episode: , Yes SirSexual Fantasy for CouplesFetish Sex: A GuideBest Women's Erotica 2011.

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Open Source Sex 80: Video Trailer for Total Flirt

Delightful, de-lovely, and a little bit devious: my new book Total Flirt is now on sale. Find out more including the Apple and Android app at In this saucy video trailer, I tell you all about how this book - six years in the making - is an authentic, practical and slightly devious flirting manual for women. It is our answer to "The Game" and pick-up artist tricks, and based on research, studies and infiltrarion of pick-up artist's secret societies - it delivers.


Total Flirt is packed with tricks and tips for every situation you’ll encounter when out on the prowl. Secrets of pick-up artists are explained and styled for the girl who wants more out of life.

Total Flirt book by Violet BlueSpend 20 minutes with a chapter in Total Flirt and learn:

* Two distinctive ways to flirt, and why you need to know the difference.
* Total Flirt relies on the science of kinesics, the study of body language and its hidden messages: learn how to communicate magnetism and seduce your target – or get rid of someone – without words.
* Take style quizzes to see what kind of flirt you are, and what kind you could be.
* Master the art of “speed flirting” and how to tell if he’s worth it.
* Get oodles of conversation starters – and exit strategies when you need to hit the “eject” button.
* Find out how to tell if he’s really into you (or just a friend), and how to eliminate the competition.
* Learn how to walk like a siren, talk like a bombshell, and seduce like a vamp — learn how to do it all online.
* How to get guys you think are “out of your league.”

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This is an episode of sex answers. Tonights topics include what to do with an uncut penis, what to do when you're a woman who wants your lover to change his oral sex techniques, women wanting pornogrpahy, and a question from a woman whose boyfriend wants her to be a domaintrix in the bedroom. These anonymous questions come from my professional sex ed work; I thought it was time to share.

* Violet Blue -

* Books in this episode: Sexual Fantasy for Couples, Fetish Sex: A Guide, Best Bondage Erotica 2011, Yes Ma'am. See also: Ultimate Guide to Fellatio, Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus.

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Open Source Sex 77: An Open Invitiation Review and Advice on Swinging and Non-Monogamy

In a recent article, I reviewed the very sophisticated adult film "An Open Invitiation" which is a love story of one couple's journey into swinging, in San Francisco. 

Links for this podcast include:

  • Website for sex educator Thomas Roche, also quoted in this episode.
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Open Source Sex 76: How to Kiss Video: Violet Blue's "Seal it with a Kiss" Book Trailer

Learn how to kisssomething different on Open Source Sex - a short and sweet video about my new book on kissing. Saucy, sexy, smart: Urban Outfitters calls my new book Seal it with a Kiss "The kissing bible." Find out why in this video, which includes kissing tips for virgins and kissing tricks to make your kisses unforgettable. Lots of tips and kissing how-to in this funny video trailer for the #1 book on kissing. 



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Open Source Sex 75: Apple's Porn Problem

Lately, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been very vocal about his brand and its relationship to pornography, but he's left us in the dark as to why he seems to be mentioning porn at every turn. In this podcast, we go back to a simpler time when Apple appeared to be more tolerant, and I read my San Francisco Chronicle article "How to Seduce a Mac Geek."



Ryan Block, gdgt

Ryan Tate, Gawker

See also: MacLife: Of Apps and Men

See also: The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Violet Blue Macworld Interview

* * * * *


Violet Blue:

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open source sex 71 It's here! Lush, gorgeous, arousing: Best Women's Erotica 2010 (also: UK)! In this episode I give you a taste of each story in my handpicked, heart and soul collection of the best erotica by women, for women that the globe has to offer. It might be the most daring entry in the series yet.

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Violet Blue:

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