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This is an episode of sex answers. Tonights topics include what to do with an uncut penis, what to do when you're a woman who wants your lover to change his oral sex techniques, women wanting pornogrpahy, and a question from a woman whose boyfriend wants her to be a domaintrix in the bedroom. These anonymous questions come from my professional sex ed work; I thought it was time to share.

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* Books in this episode: Sexual Fantasy for Couples, Fetish Sex: A Guide, Best Bondage Erotica 2011, Yes Ma'am. See also: Ultimate Guide to Fellatio, Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus.

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Open Source Sex 78: Realtor Erotica!

When you think of realtors and home buying, do you think of hot, dirty, spanky sex? Well, you might after hearing me read "Selling Point" by Carl Kennedy. Explicit erotica with strong BDSM themes and female submission; heterosexual focus.

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Open Source Sex 77: An Open Invitiation Review and Advice on Swinging and Non-Monogamy

In a recent article, I reviewed the very sophisticated adult film "An Open Invitiation" which is a love story of one couple's journey into swinging, in San Francisco. 

Links for this podcast include:

  • Website for sex educator Thomas Roche, also quoted in this episode.
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Open Source Sex 76: How to Kiss Video: Violet Blue's "Seal it with a Kiss" Book Trailer

Learn how to kisssomething different on Open Source Sex - a short and sweet video about my new book on kissing. Saucy, sexy, smart: Urban Outfitters calls my new book Seal it with a Kiss "The kissing bible." Find out why in this video, which includes kissing tips for virgins and kissing tricks to make your kisses unforgettable. Lots of tips and kissing how-to in this funny video trailer for the #1 book on kissing. 



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Open Source Sex 75: Apple's Porn Problem

Lately, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been very vocal about his brand and its relationship to pornography, but he's left us in the dark as to why he seems to be mentioning porn at every turn. In this podcast, we go back to a simpler time when Apple appeared to be more tolerant, and I read my San Francisco Chronicle article "How to Seduce a Mac Geek."



Ryan Block, gdgt

Ryan Tate, Gawker

See also: MacLife: Of Apps and Men

See also: The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Violet Blue Macworld Interview

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open source sex 74

Not a quickie, but a real sink-your-teeth-in erotic short story -- to celebrate winning the Gold Medal for Best Erotica Collection from an independent publisher in North America 2010, I read the opening story in my new book Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples. In "Clearing the Air" by Thomas Roche, a young wife tries to talk to her husband's ex-girlfriend about jealousy and winds up in an unexpected (and explicit) tryst -- in a story featuring a bisexual San Francisco girl who seems to know her way around non-monogamy, lots of oral sex, and plenty of love.

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