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Listen to a pirate radio interview I did recently with Jack Shamama, a porn scriptwriter who also works over at A local group called Neighborhood Public Radio pirated a local frequency in commemoration of the FCC's rulings on Janet Jackson's Super Bowl nipple slip, and since they were calling it their "NPR Indecency Series" they asked me to come on and host my own show for a few weekends. This is the first of three "Porn Chat With Violet Blue" shows, where I interview Jack about what you have to do to write a porn script, safe sex ignorance in porn and much much more. We had a blast, especially since the show was done in a storefront window in a busy San Francisco neighborhood, with huge speakers blasting our conversation out onto the street -- we had a huge crowd, and motorists were slowing down to listen. Oh, and the awards we talk about in the interview: he won best screenplay.

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