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Open Source Sex 83: SXSW Erotica - Sharing Trends by Alison Tyler


In "Sharing Trends" his SXSW panel session just started: and she's hoping their session will start ASAP. A dirty oral tale about geeks getting lucky. Heterosexual focus.

This episode is the audio version of SXSW Interactive erotica written especially for the event (known as Spring Break for Geeks) crafted by erotic writing star Alison Tyler


There are two more sexy geek stories in different - yet explicit - flavors. To find more of the free materials I put together for Sexy Geeks, visit This URL is entirely mobile friendly, including the safer sex charts.

Here you'll find the text version of this podcast, sex emergency resources for SXSW attendees of all genders and orientations, and explicit geeky erotica. Oh and the ingredients for a geek sexual survival kit. Oh, and a special discount code just for sexy geeks at - find my nerdy sex gear picks at

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Open Source Sex 82: Sex Answers: Making Him Dominant, Vaginal Looseness, Adult Wet Dreams and Unexpected STD Concerns

This is an episode of sex answers. Tonight's topics include a woman who wants her boyfriend to be more dominant, a lady who is worried about vaginal looseness, a man who has wet dreams as an adult, and a girl whose boyfriend had sex outside the relationship - she wants to know what STDs or STIs she's at risk for. These anonymous questions come from my professional sex ed work; I thought it was time to share.

* Violet Blue -

* Books in this episode: , Yes SirSexual Fantasy for CouplesFetish Sex: A GuideBest Women's Erotica 2011.

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